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Full 1/2-inch thick cell cast acrylic basketball backboard - the difference is clear!


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 PlayMaker In-Ground Basketball Goals

This is PlayMaker Hoops, the finest outdoor fixed height and adjustable basketball goal systems available today. Our 1/2-inch thick cell cast acrylic backboard offers shooters superior rebound characteristics across the entire face of the backboard. No dead spots, no hot spots. Just pure play. 

Put one (or a pair) of our super sturdy hoops on one of our new basketball court or multi-game court do-it-yourself kits, or just one at the end of your driveway. You'll love the superior feel and game performance of the PlayMaker basketball goal system.

 PlayMaker Basketball Goal Systems Slam!

A PlayMaker basketball goal is a serious piece of athletic equipment. It's built to look and perform like a gymnasium goal - right in your own back yard. Yet our outdoor basketball goal system is tough enough to take years of regular slammin' jammin' hard use and can withstand just about anything the weather can dish out. We think of it as the indoor goal for outdoor use. Hoop it up at home on PlayMaker hoops!

 Our Basketball Goals Are Built To Last!

A heavy 1/2"-thick acrylic backboard, lots of high-strength steel, and superior engineering design make rugged PlayMaker basketball goal systems the best available. Whether you choose a standard height or adjustable basketball goal, your PlayMaker hoop will perform year after year, free from rattles or sagging.
 A PlayMaker Goal Works In My Back Yard!
Clark Kellogg has a PlayMaker basketball goal“Whether you’re building skills or maintaining your game, quality equipment is a must. That’s why I have a PlayMaker Hoop and recommend it to everyone. There’s a PlayMaker goal for every age and skill level and every budget, each representing both top quality and great value. When you’re ready to play, shoot for a PlayMaker Hoop. You owe it to your game.”
- Clark Kellogg, All Big Ten, Big Ten MVP, 
Former Indiana Pacer, CBS Sportscaster

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