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Installation Instructions for PlayMaker Basketball Hoops

PlayMaker basketball hoop installation - it's easy!  





PlayMaker basketball goals are made in the USA

 Installing a PlayMaker Basketball Goal
Installing a PlayMaker goal is fairly straightforward. However, we do manufacture very sturdy hoops, meaning some components can be somewhat heavy, especially on the larger hoops models. You will need the aid of at least two other people to help assemble your hoop. 

Your PlayMaker Hoop starts with a solid anchor. In fact, if you move, it's the only part of your PlayMaker basketball goal that you would leave behind. Just order another anchor system and erect your hoop on it in the new location. (The one anchor system fits all PlayMaker models.)

The installation process consists of two basic phases: 
1) the anchor system installation
2) installing the pole, backboard and rim assembly. 

Each phase can be completed in less than an afternoon. Total installation time is parts of 3 to 4 days, including concrete cure time, weather permitting. The complete PlayMaker basketball goal installation instructions are provided below. 

Full assembly and installation instructions 
in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format:

Don't have the FREE Acrobat Reader? Get it here.

 PlayMaker Adjustable Basketball Hoops
PlayMaker P346A  (275 KB)
PlayMaker P246A  (272 KB)
PlayMaker P335A  (272 KB)
PlayMaker P235A  (269 KB)
PlayMaker P135A  (267 KB)
 PlayMaker Standard (Non-Adjustable) Hoops
PlayMaker P355S  (198 KB)
PlayMaker P245S  (210 KB)
PlayMaker P145S  (208 KB)

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