PlayMaker basketball goals

PlayMaker Basketball Hoops Key Design Features

"-thick cell cast acrylic backboard - just one of the key design features of PlayMaker basketball goals


It takes hours to make just one PlayMaker basketball goal




PlayMaker basketball goals are made in the USA

 The PlayMaker difference is in the details
At home, we actually shoot at our own PlayMaker basketball goals (a nice perk, btw). So the design of each PlayMaker Hoop reflects our full attention to the engineering and manufacturing details for the best end-user experience possible.
 The visible basketball goal details
There are details you can see, like the full 1/2-inch thickness of our exclusive cell cast acrylic backboards. (That's the same thickness as standard indoor tempered glass backboards.) Each PlayMaker acrylic backboard is fitted to a high-strength steel frame with no reinforcement bars in the shooting area; then it's wrapped with a brushed aluminum outer frame. 

That allows PlayMaker backboards to offer shooters superior rebound characteristics without the need for a steel bracing system visible through the backboard. 

The result? Rebound characteristics are consistent across the entire face of the backboard. No dead spots, no hot spots. Just pure play. It really does pay to practice your game on proper basketball goal equipment.
 The invisible basketball goal construction
And there's details you can't see, such as the quality of steel we use to build our rugged basketball goals. We start with ASTM Grade B cold formed welded tubing. It delivers a superior strength-to-weight ratio, and creates a rock-solid shooting platform. Then we powder coat the steel for a tough, long lasting finish that impedes rust, and lets you keep shooting year after year after year.
 Sturdy, safe basketball goal system
More design and engineering details include an extremely stable base system, and a full 24-, 36-, or 48-inch overhang (depending on model) from the face of the steel pole to the face of the backboard. Generally, more overhang means more player safety.
 Our well-designed adjustable goals
One of our favorite details is the position and operation of the height adjustment actuator on all of our adjustable basketball goals. 

Our actuator has a grease fitting; the actuator is positioned to shed water, helping to avoid the rust damage that plagues many other basketball goals' actuators. 

The actuator is located far enough from the lift arms to keep fingers and knuckles safe when raising or lowering the backboard. 

Very easy to adjust - almost any kid can crank it down and hoop it up! 

The full lineup of PlayMaker basketball goals offers hoops enthusiasts the rare combination of excellent game performance over an exceptionally long product life span.

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